What is Green Empire?

Green Empire is strategy game set in the most endangered environments of our planet.

Green Empire will donate part of the revenue to fund conservation projects around the world.

Play as the last polar bear and set out on an epic journey across the World with one quest: fight the climate crisis.

Play for Change.

Game Features 

This is but a sample of our features. More will come soon!

Play for Change

Part of the revenue accrued through sales and digital purchases will go towards funding conservation projects around the world.

Realistic challenges

Maps will represent multiple locations around the Planet. Each map will have its unique mix of flora, fauna, enemies and environmental challenges.
In each map you will face different challenges like deforestation, pollution, poaching and many more.

Epic struggle

An ongoing struggle to protect the natural balance around the Planet. Failing to do so will lead to rising temperatures and multiple natural disasters.

Hard Choices

In each map, multiple corporations with opposing interests will be struggling for power. During the game they might decide contact you with tempting propositions, ominous threats and more. What would you do?

Environmental support

Are you part of an Environmental Associations and you would be interested in collaboration?
Contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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We will start soon a crowdfunding campaing on Kickstarter.
Tell your friends and stay tuned!

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